Negatives are an important phase of weight movement. It is the phase when you are extending or lowering the weight. Like extending your hand during a bicep curl or lowering the weight during a bench press. Negatives can add some extra muscle mass to your body by tricking and deceiving your muscles to think you have heavier weights in the positive phase. During the negative phase you are able to bear about 50% more weight than the positive phase.


Expert body builders and trainers use negative training very seriously. Usually there are three types of negative sets. Pure Negative Sets are the sets where concentration is on the negative movement only. These types of sets are not done with every workout. Finishing Negative Sets are usually used to finish off an ordinary set. These can be done with most of the exercises as the last 2-3 reps are used for negative movements. Negative Super Sets are just like ordinary sets but the movement is negative. These sets are also done with only a handful exercises.

Human body is stronger in the negative phase of the weight movement because the body does not want you to pick the heavy weights. The negative phase is done very slowly, usually 3-5 second to complete the movement. This puts extra pressure on the muscles. Negatives are done with the longest range of movement. Negatives put extra stress on your body and the body thinks it is lifting heavier weights than usual. But negatives can be dangerous and expert trainers don’t advise them to amateur body builders. Putting extra strength on the muscles and going above the limit can cause serious injury. Negatives are not done with every workout as they tend to lose their effectiveness over the time. It is just a method of training to build extra muscle mass and a great body.


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